the production process and the selection method of painted wooden door

   Spray paint the door is a kind of wooden door, but compared to ordinary paint the door of its relatively thick film, using a fully enclosed paint, the surface is very smooth, and paint in the production process on the door there is no difference, but the paint surface is not a natural drying is at a temperature above 25 degrees in the room to dry, so avoid the process of paint drop off at the dry dust to ensure the smooth and bright surface.

In fact, the merits of the door is difficult to be seen from the surface of the door, some identification methods in the actual selection process is very difficult to operate the door,In the other words,Whether the election is paint the door when the door or paint the door they wear and scratch-resistant surface is a very important place in the exhibits with the humble nail scratching that, if there are traces of paint on his door, then on that the material strength is not enough, paint the door said it is not enough hard shell paint, paint should also be carefully observe whether there are bubbles, the other is to see whether the door of the production process was fine. As for the material inside the door knocking common touch is unable to distinguish good and bad, and also does not describe, but certainly not to the weight of the door to door to identify good and bad, some very heavy weight of the door is very open feeling, but This does not mean it is a good door, the door to know there are a variety of filling materials, and some shoddy some poor quality fill material as the door to increase the weight of the door, to ensure smoothness of the door is very common.