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Wooden door dimension :2000*800*40 ,otherwise you need to let us know  tickness of wall. 

the production process and the selection method of painted wooden door

   Spray paint the door is a kind of wooden door, but compared to ordinary paint the door of its relatively thick film, using a fully enclosed paint, the surface is very smooth, and paint in the production process on the door there is no difference, but the paint surface is not a natural drying is at a temperature above 25 degrees in the room to dry, so avoid the process of paint drop off at the dry dust to ensure the smooth and bright surface.

How to prevent deformation of wooden doors damp?

      Experts Answer: Generally speaking, high-quality wooden doors seal better, difficult to damp the deformation occurred, but said, depending on your situation, there should be some quality problems.

How to choose the wooden doors?

    What the election should be noted when buy wooden doors,the appearance of the materials ?

The difference between Composite wood door and solid wood door

    The traditional solid wood door from inside to outside is a kind of material, and solid wood composite door, door core and internal structure is made of other wood or MDF board, only the surface are high-grade timber and spray paint. 

      Compared with solid wood door Composite solid wood door maintained the effectiveness and sensuous surface of solid wood, but the quality of performance have become more stable and economic price than the solid wood door.

UV Coating Decorative Board

UV Standard Decorative Board
Thickness3mm, 5mm, 8 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 18 mm Material 
The basic material of UV board is E1 grade environmental-protected MDF or particle board, and then UV paint (glossy or matt) of excellent quality is coated on the surface of basic material The product can be easy treated and edge-covered.

Wooden Door Drawing

In order to make you easier to understand Raised panel and Flat panel .There is a drawing for your reference.

wood door drawing

What is Wooden Armored Door?

Wooden Armored Door is security entry Door of building.The main feature is combining the advantages of traditional wooden doors with security door . It has the traditional warm and elegant wooden texture and appearance, Also with  variety of  modern and elegant style of personalized decorative design, It Can best meet the needs for home decoration higher requirements.

Wooden Armored Door structure:

What kinds Panel door should i Choosing?

What kinds Panel door should i Choosing?

Flat Panel  vs Raised panel
1.Flat panel interior doors have a simpler look with cleaner lines than the traditional raised panel look. Our flat panel designs are available in all the same configurations and material as our raised panel doors.


Stile & Rail Door Structure

wood door 

The stile & rail wood doors sold by China Door Factory feature the latest engineered construction methods for strength and durability. Mortise and tenon joints or fluted dowel pins are the preferred method of construction used to join the stiles and rails of the doors.

wood door

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