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PVC Doors 6 advantage VS 3 Shortcoming

 Currently on the market NO paint doors most is with PVC film  veneer doors. HDF thickness is 8mm, the internal structure of wood keel frame, the spacing of trees within the fill plug usually 100 - 150mm square. It is the molded wood composite door or gate the most out of the door with PVC film veneer made of vacuum processing.PVC  Door frame veneer for the same treatment. 

The advantage of PVC doors.

PVC door in china also called non-paint door,It means we do not need to paint. Compared to the wooden doors, PVC doors use PVC veneer instead of wood skin.And its surface using vacuum processing technology finished.Frame is the same with PVC film finish.

 PVC door has the following advantages:
 1.With wooden grain, variety of color changes, more modern design and personality to respond Environmental protection requirements.

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