Metal Door

Italy Armored Door

 We are the professional steel door & security door manufacturer in China,We can produce steel door,fire resistant door,metal steel security door,wooden and steel door to your requirements. we are introducing ourselves as one of the lading exporters ofwooden-armored doors and specialize in the export of Italy style steelwooden doors.Through several years of unremitting efforts,Our factory has developeda professional Italy wooden armored door production line.

Steel Security Door Maintenance

Security door maintenance methods:

 1, Often with a soft cloth to clean window, kept clean and prevent the erosion of corrosive substances.

  2, Regularly door hinge, locks oblique tongue, such as mechanical latch lock switch (Chuan) lubricating moving parts add a little fat, and maintain lubrication, so that doors and locks sluicegate flexible.

 3,Lock heart is prohibited to insert into the various oils or sundries.

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