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Why paint is so important to wood doors?

The type of paint can be divided into phenolic Chatham, alkyd paint, polyurethane paint, distempers Mastics, and PU paint etc. Among phenolic and alkyd paint film due to poor adhesion and texture, Have been out of Decoration. Using a large number of distempers Mastics, polyurethane paint, and high-end furniture on the use of PU lacquer. Our Wood Door use six-layer of PU paint.

Combined Wood Door

The production techniques of such wood doors are more complex than of valuable wood but they solve one vital problem for classical interiors creators. External differences are accessible only to the expert, and the price is several times lower. Valuable wood is used not in the form of a bar but in the form of a veneer sheet, - a very thin cut wood having thickness of 0,3-0,65 mm. It is completely enough to show all natural beauty and a variety of valuable wood patterns.

Manufactured-Wood Doors

Wood wins the prize for appearance. It is beautiful, natural and tactile. With either custom or manufactured wood doors, you can choose from several species meant to be finished naturally, including oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, maple, fir, pine, or paint-grade doors from any of several softwoods. Because of their vulnerability to moisture and sun, wood doors must be maintained with a durable finish.

China wood door

Being An Astute Buyer

Doors are available through millwork shops, door manufacturers, lumberyards and home-improvement centers. Most manufactured doors are made by a handful of large companies; Premdor and Jeld-Wen, for example, own several smaller or regional door makers that each construct a particular type of door. These companies, in turn, ship to local distributors and dealers.

Hinged Doors

Hinged, or swinging, doors are the most common types of door because they are appropriate for practically every interior and exterior door application. This door type is typically used in front entries, as porch doors and doors from garages and basements, as well as common interior doors. While being the simplest and most traditional door design, the hinged door is multipurpose and durable, and still brings beauty and elegance to your home.

Flush vs. Panel Doors

A door design contributes much to the overall scheme of a room and, indeed, an entire home.

Choosing Interior Doors

When it's time to decorate your home, whether it's for a brand new home or a remodeling project, one thing that's often overlooked is the style of your interior doors. The style of the door that you choose can make a subtle, definitive difference throughout your home. Unfortunately, the majority of today's new homes feature interior doors that are bland, hollow-core with plain brass knobs. They offer no character at all. You will be amazed at what a difference changing such a subtle design accent can make throughout your home.

Choosing Exterior Doors

An exterior door can include any entry door such as the front door or back door. Generally, this door leads from the outside into your home. Exterior doors are heavy duty and should be weatherproof and painted or stained with a quality product to help it last. They also usually have a sturdy lock system to prevent intruders from entering into the home.

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