How to prevent deformation of wooden doors

Due to the use of wooden timber processing, flat area at the same time, and fixed point, therefore, is the most prone to cracking and deformation of doing one of the decorative wood. As the deformation of the wooden doors will result in a rise housing insulation, airtight and beautiful, so understanding the reasons for the deformation of the wooden decoration has become especially important knowledge before the decoration.

Natural wood in the course of a variety of growth factors, leading to uneven wood density (sunny side of the ring density, the core material and sapwood), when the timber was changed after digging internal stress balance So that the deformation of wood, cracking.

The wood moisture content is high wooden doors leading to deformation of the main reasons for the other, with the use of lower water content, the wood will slowly reveal internal stress, leading to deformation, cracks

Timber to prevent deformation of the main means of: technical and mechanical methods to change the internal stress of wood, and the moisture content and change the internal stress of the most effective and most commonly used method is a pine or fir (both internal stress smaller timber), finger - . Change the water content of the wood is dried for the second (after drying for natural steam drying). Production of wooden processing technology is only as good as the press pressure, temperature, floor balance, glue and other factors would have a direct impact on the use of wooden doors is in the process of deformation, cracks.