Prehung Interior Door

Prehung interior door unit hinge placement and bore specs: wood interior door


 Interior Hinges :

interior door Hinges

Stile & Rail Door Structure

wood door 

The stile & rail wood doors sold by China Door Factory feature the latest engineered construction methods for strength and durability. Mortise and tenon joints or fluted dowel pins are the preferred method of construction used to join the stiles and rails of the doors.

wood door


Today's wood door technology combines nature's beauty with engineered construction that resists warping, shrinking and splitting.
Following exacting standards, each handcrafted door features classic vertical stile and horizontal rail construction. Door components are sorted and graded eight different times and each door is individually inspected to maintain quality standards.

Molded door structure

molded-DOORS 1. China fir structurer inside

2.Infilling material: Honeycomb Paper

3.Surface :Molded door panel with white/Primer coating or PU paint

molded door structure


AIR DRIED-Wood dried without application of artificial heat.

BOARD FOOT-A system of measurement. The standard board foot is I in. thick by 12 in. wide by 12 in. long, but any combination of
dimensions yielding an equivalent amount of wood counts. Board feet are rounded to the nearest foot and are based on the thickness of
the wood before surfacing. Lumber less than I in. thick is counted as I in.

CLEAR-FACE CUTTING-A board with one clear face (ordinary season checks permitted) and a reverse side that is sound.

Sell Molded door

we are a professional door manufacturer supplying molded doors,molded door is most popular door in the is beauty look and low cost.

two panel with prime coated                         5 panel molded door

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