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 Our wooden door factory has moved to a new address for bigger WOODEN DOOR  workshop, better WOOD DOOR quality and more WOODEN DOOR design.Hope more customers to visit our wooden door factroy. we will give you better service with better price.

the production process and the selection method of painted wooden door

   Spray paint the door is a kind of wooden door, but compared to ordinary paint the door of its relatively thick film, using a fully enclosed paint, the surface is very smooth, and paint in the production process on the door there is no difference, but the paint surface is not a natural drying is at a temperature above 25 degrees in the room to dry, so avoid the process of paint drop off at the dry dust to ensure the smooth and bright surface.

PVC Doors 6 advantage VS 3 Shortcoming

 Currently on the market NO paint doors most is with PVC film  veneer doors. HDF thickness is 8mm, the internal structure of wood keel frame, the spacing of trees within the fill plug usually 100 - 150mm square. It is the molded wood composite door or gate the most out of the door with PVC film veneer made of vacuum processing.PVC  Door frame veneer for the same treatment. 

UV Coating Decorative Board

UV Standard Decorative Board
Thickness3mm, 5mm, 8 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 18 mm Material 
The basic material of UV board is E1 grade environmental-protected MDF or particle board, and then UV paint (glossy or matt) of excellent quality is coated on the surface of basic material The product can be easy treated and edge-covered.

Steel Security Door Maintenance

Security door maintenance methods:

 1, Often with a soft cloth to clean window, kept clean and prevent the erosion of corrosive substances.

  2, Regularly door hinge, locks oblique tongue, such as mechanical latch lock switch (Chuan) lubricating moving parts add a little fat, and maintain lubrication, so that doors and locks sluicegate flexible.

 3,Lock heart is prohibited to insert into the various oils or sundries.

Wooden Door Drawing

In order to make you easier to understand Raised panel and Flat panel .There is a drawing for your reference.

wood door drawing

The advantage of PVC doors.

PVC door in china also called non-paint door,It means we do not need to paint. Compared to the wooden doors, PVC doors use PVC veneer instead of wood skin.And its surface using vacuum processing technology finished.Frame is the same with PVC film finish.

 PVC door has the following advantages:
 1.With wooden grain, variety of color changes, more modern design and personality to respond Environmental protection requirements.

What is Wooden Armored Door?

Wooden Armored Door is security entry Door of building.The main feature is combining the advantages of traditional wooden doors with security door . It has the traditional warm and elegant wooden texture and appearance, Also with  variety of  modern and elegant style of personalized decorative design, It Can best meet the needs for home decoration higher requirements.

Wooden Armored Door structure:

What kinds Panel door should i Choosing?

What kinds Panel door should i Choosing?

Flat Panel  vs Raised panel
1.Flat panel interior doors have a simpler look with cleaner lines than the traditional raised panel look. Our flat panel designs are available in all the same configurations and material as our raised panel doors.


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PVC DOOR Workshop

pvc door workshop

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